Friday, October 18, 2019
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Economic Impact

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High Lifter's ATV Mud Nationals Brings Positive Economic Impact to Jacksonville...


With people coming from all over the United States, Peggy Renfro, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce President, said the event is economically beneficial to Jacksonville.

"It fills up our hotels (and) it helps with sales," she said. "It benefits as far as the people eating in our restaurants, going to the convenience and local stores." Renfro said the event not only showcases what Jacksonville has at the Mud Park, but what the city as a whole has to offer.

While this will be the tenth anniversary of the event, it will be the eighth year it has taken place in Jacksonville. Cary Carr, manager and owner of Mud Creek Off-road Park, said in the eight years the event has taken place at his venue, it has brought nothing but positive things Jacksonville.

Amanda Tolbert, front desk representative with La Quinta Inn and Suites, said rooms have been completely booked since January. She said the booking is normal for this time of year with the event around the corner.

The Holiday Inn and Suites has experienced the same increase. Leigha Sherman, front desk manager said they have been sold out since December. "We start taking reservations anytime, but people started making reservations six months in advance," she said. Sherman said a couple of vendors who participate in the event will begin occupying rooms early in the week, and the ATV riders coming in for the ride, will begin occupying rooms on Wednesday of the event.

Tina Daft, desk clerk with Home Place Inn and Suites, said they currently have 57 rooms occupied and have very few rooms left.

"It's a very good thing," Carr said. "Mud Nationals is not only good for us, but also good for the city and the county. While I don't have exact numbers, I know it brings in an extremely large revenue stream for businesses in town."

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