Friday, October 18, 2019
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EPI Challenge

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If there is one thing Mud Creek is well known for it's the high line area. This is where you find one of the biggest, baddest, nastiest NATURAL mud holes in all of East Texas, AND this is where you find the EPI Endurance Challenge during The High Lifter ATV Mud Nationals.

This competition consists of two-man (or woman) teams wiling to try their skills in the toughest mud-holes in the park. We don't call this the Endurance Challenge for nothing. Teams will start at one end of the high line and make their way down to the marked end and back. Teams will be timed and the winner is determined by "speed" (some past winners have been known to average up to almost 10MPH!!!). Teams may choose to use one or two ATVs for the competition... but at least one ATV and both teammates must cross the finish line to score. Push, Pull, or Drag... anything goes. If the team in front of you abandons a quad... it is considered an obstacle... go around it! If it's stuck... winch from it!!

You never know how it will turn out or who will win!

Event Registration:

Sign up at the High Lifter Information/Registration tent before Friday, March 30th at 9:30am. Entry fee is $20 per person and are non-refundable.

Event Location,Date, & Time:

A mandatory drivers meeting and then staging will occur at 10:30 am on site at the “High Line” with the event to begin immediately afterwards on Friday, March 30th at 11 am.


  • Full Face DOT Helmets, boots and gloves must be worn during any Competition as well as long sleeve shirts and long pants.
  • The Endurance Challange is a TWO-MAN Cross Country Mud Bog/Endurance race.
  • Two team members will leave the starting line at the same time on EITHER two ATVs or one. If the team chooses to use two ATVs and one ATV becomes stuck, the team may elect to regain forward progress of the "stuck" ATV by using the second ATV and/or both team members to push, pull, winch, or other process or desert the stuck ATV and continue the race on one ATV.
  • Teams will leave the starting line at APPROXIMATELY 2-minute intervals. Start times will be documented and compared to finish times to determine the winner.
  • Teams must reach the "turn-around" point and "go around the cone" or other checkpoint determined in advance by competition officials. When teams reach the halfway point, they will turn and head back to the finish line through the marked trail.
  • Two Team Members must finish the race. Finishing teams may complete the race on either ONE or TWO ATVs. Fastest time wins. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be awarded prizes and trophies for each team member.

Leaving the designated trail will result in a 1-minute penalty per occurrence.

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