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General Competition Rules

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  • Each ATV or RUV is Limited to two classes with the exception of the women's class and youth classes where the ATV may be shared between men/women and/or youth/adult.
  • Females may enter any class that their machine qualifies for as well as the women's class.
  • Drivers may run any ATV that qualifies for the class in which they are registered.
  • All vehicles entered in CMR events must have a form of retrieval attached. Tow hooks, winches or tow ropes will provide a means for rescue.
  • Drivers may race up a class but not down a class.
  • Starting positions will be determined by random drawing of position numbers during registration.
  • CMR reserves the right to place drivers in correct class if driver registered his or her vehicle in the wrong class.
  • False starts will be recognized by restarting the race on the 1st offense. 2nd offenders will be disqualified.
  • Drivers must keep their machines inside of marked race course at all times during the heat. Drivers that are forced off of the track will not be punished for this offense. Drivers who exit the race course will receive a black flag. 
  • Drivers, spectators or any other persons may not intentionally touch or aid any other driver during a heat. If extraordinary circumstances arise concerning this rule, the CMR officials will make the final call on this matter.
  • Stock or production aftermarket fenders are required. Fenders may be trimmed up to two inches.
  • Drivers must have their unit at the staging area at the time designated by CMR officials. Any driver or machine not present for staging will take the risk of being disqualified.
  • Ski's and utility attachments to units are not allowed. (plows, seeders, etc..)
  • Youth classes will be staged and ran first unless otherwise noted. Heats will be followed by Lite, Women's, Bogger, Pro A, Pro B, RUV, and Super Modified.
  • Anyone who qualifies for 2011 CMR rules and is in good health and physical condition may compete in CMR sanctioned events. Only CMR registered drivers will be eligible for points and championship payouts, prizes and other sponsor and marketing opportunities.
  • All CMR sanctioned events will guarantee drivers, regardless of CMR registration, to receive a purse payout at each event. 
  • ATV's may not compete with RUV's in same class.
  • ATV substitutions or changes cannot be made after staging begins.
  • It is the driver's responsibility to stop at the scorekeeper after each heat to report their finishing position to ensure that they are credited with right finishing order.
  • Participants should not consume any alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other type of contraband on the day of the competitions. Any party found or reported to be under the influence will be immediately disqualified from competition for that day.
  • Winner of race is determined by the first part of ATV/UTV to break the finish line's invisible plane, not the driver or driver's body parts.


Safety Equipment

  • It is required that at all times drivers wear a CMR approved jersey.
  • Motocross or equivalent long sleeve jersey.
  • It is required that helmets meet the specifications set forth in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Regulations or meet the specifications set forth by the American National Standards Institute, Inc.
  • Must be Snell/DOT approved.
  • Full face motocross style or street bike style helmets are required.
Eye Protection
  • It is required that drivers wear eye protection in the form of ANSI Z87.1 approved protective glasses or goggles.
  • Eye Protection required at starting line.
  • Gloves are required when competing. MX style gloves or other DOT approved motor sport protective gloves.
  • MX boots, other boots, waders or chest waders covering the ankle must be worn during CMR events.
  • Racers may wear MX pants, or solid color racing pants. No "blue jeans".
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