Friday, October 18, 2019
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Park Conduct

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The security officers at Mud Nationals are not from a security company. They are law enforcement officers from the neighboring cities and counties and DO have the authority to arrest anyone in the park for illegal activity and behavior. This includes unruly behavior, public nudity, driving drunk, etc. Mud Nationals is a place for everyone to enjoy themselves, but not at the expense of others. Anyone who refuses to conduct themselves in a respectful way or to abide by the requests of the officers or event staff will be escorted out and/or arrested regardless of age or sex.

High Lifter desires for Mud Nationals to be a family friendly event. With the help of the police, park employees and High Lifter staff, we do our utmost to monitor the behavior of our attendees to minimize and eliminate offensive behavior, clothing etc. If you wear clothing that can be deemed offensive to others, you may be asked to remove it, cover it up or turn it inside out. If your behavior is offensive to others, you will be asked to stop what you're doing or you will be escorted out of the park by the police.

We want all who attend Mud Nationals to have a great time riding, seeing old friends and making new ones. However, there are thousands of people in attendance and there will be times when you will need to exercise patience and courtesy. The High Line is generally a high-traffic area, especially during the evening hours. If you are trying to travel this area during these peak times, you will need to remain patient and realize everyone is there to have fun.

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