Friday, October 18, 2019
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Planet ATV Stereo Competition

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General Rules

  1. Planet Stereo ATV CompetitionRegistration for Mud Jam Competition occurs at the High Lifter information tent located beside the Mud Nationals retail Store.
  2. Registration will end at 2 pm on Thursday, March 29th.
  3. Competition will occur in the Front Vendor Area.
  4. Competitors must be set-up and staged by 3pm on Thursday.
  5. Competition begins following the “Bad 2 ‘da Bone” competition.

Rules for Loudest

  1. ATV/UTV must drive on its own power into the sound measuring area.
  2. Battery chargers or Power Supplies may not be used during judging.
  3. All amplifiers, speakers, batteries, and other stereo components must be mounted on the ATV/UTV. Only exception is the head unit or other signal source.
  4. ATV/UTV must not be running during judging.
  5. ATV/UTV may be facing any direction behind the line.
  6. Sound meter will be at 6ft from the line mounted on a 6ft tripod.
  7. Sound meter will be measuring decibels in the 30-130hz range and fast response "C" scale.
  8. The sound must be musical and not pure tones. No profanity in songs.
  9. Competitors have 30 seconds to play music to earn score.
  10. Winner will be based on the maximum measured decibel level.

Rules for Most Outrageous

  1. All competitors entered in the loudest competition will be entered into the outrageous competition.
  2. Audience is told to pick the top three competitors based on sound quality, install quality, and cool factor and write names on score card.
  3. Winner will be the competitor whose name is most frequently written on cards.
  4. Scores will be tallied at the end of the competition and announced during the awards ceremony.
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